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A Glimpse into the Mortgage Industry’s Digital Future

The Digital Mortgage conference in Las Vegas later this month will bring together some of the most innovative minds in the industry to share a world of new technology that is slowly but surely pushing the mortgage business out of its over-stuffed file folders and into a (mostly) paperless future.

Among other topics, speakers will cover the prospects for “A Fully Digital Mortgage – It’s closer than you think,” and “Achieving 100% Digital Mortgage Adoption.”

At the same time, there is recognition that as digital transformations go, the mortgage industry may be on the path, but the finish line is still a few file folders away.

Amid so many promising new solutions for harnessing the efficiency and easy access of digital document management, the challenge of integrating disparate systems remains.

Digital Loanboarding that Doesn’t Stop at the Intersection

It’s not that the end-to-end digital mortgage is out of reach, exactly… it’s just that the pieces in between aren’t always a smooth fit. There are gaps between innovations like consumer point-of-sale platforms and the systems that lenders use to manage all that information. So prospective buyers can submit a mortgage application from their PCs, tablets or even their phones, but the lenders? They have to re-enter all that data.

That clunky reality was the inspiration for our latest innovation: Symmetri™.

Symmetri is a solution that lets lenders share in the ease of digital loan origination by channeling all of that incoming mortgage data into the systems and platforms that they use. Real digital transformation has to flow smoothly from one system to the next. Otherwise, it’s like having a car that goes faster but has to stop at every intersection.

Symmetri allows lenders to leverage the benefits of consumer POS platforms with a bridge that also brings the power of advanced document classification, data capture and robotic process automation (RPA) into the process, so that documents are seamlessly pulled in and validated. RPA completes repetitive tasks like USPS search, NMLS validation, data extraction, appraisal ordering and uploads.

The result is a fully digital process without the roadblocks created by redundancies, human error or the need for any manual data entry.

Get the Edge with Mortgage Solutions that Let You Do More

To learn more about how Symmetri can get you closer to the end-to-end digital mortgage, or to learn about our broad array of other solutions and services for the mortgage industry, stop by Kiosk K-300 at the Digital Mortgage Conference Sept. 23-24 in Las Vegas.

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