MERS QA 2018 Challenges: Poorly Documented Default Triggers and Turnover

The documentation of default triggers for foreclosures and bankruptcies, subservicer compliance, and turnover among staff with MERS responsibilities were among the top challenges for MERS QA in 2018, according to a MetaSource analysis of its third-party audits for compliance with MERS® quality assurance guidelines. The audits include a thorough review of a MERS member’s operational…


New MERS Reconciliation Feature Allows Instant Updates

For too many servicers, reconciling mortgage data for MERS eQA requirements is a job they have come to dread. With so much information to be reconciled across a thicket of often mismatched fields, it can be tempting to put off those monthly or quarterly tasks and assume you’ll get to it by the end of…