The Business Case for Outsourcing Mortgage QC Audits

If you perform mortgage file quality control (QC) in-house, we have two questions for you: Who’s auditing your auditors? Would you outsource mortgage QC if you could save 12-20% and decrease non-compliance/buy-back risks? In-House vs. Mortgage QC Outsourcing Cost Comparison Based on our experience, one extensively trained auditor with underwriting experience can audit 4 loans…


Who’s Auditing Your In-House Mortgage File QC Auditors?

Many mortgage originators and servicers conduct their own mortgage file QC audits. Who’s auditing these auditors? With continuously changing post-close, pre-fund, servicing, and MERS changes from Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, HUD, and the CFPB, it’s increasingly important to ensure your audit team is up to speed on all mortgage QC requirements and self-auditing your…